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A Yume Nikki Fan Game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, with programming by Kresna and graphics by Nyrator. A submission created in six weeks for the 2019 Dream Diary Jam.

Play as Nina and explore her dreams, collecting various effects along the way. The ending will become available once Nina has collected all four effects.

This game is written entirely in NEC V810 assembly and is made to be compatible with actual Virtual Boy hardware. Hardware compatibility has been tested by a third party.

The game doesn't feature any sound, as there was not enough time to write an assembly sound driver during the Jam. There is also no saving in the game itself.

Please visit the official Red Square website for more details, as well as the source code.

Install instructions

Requires a Virtual Boy Emulator. Mednafen is the emulator we recommend for playing Red Square. RetroArch can also use Mednafen as a core for playing Virtual Boy games. Other emulators may work, but have not been confirmed as of yet.

Some form of 3D glasses for viewing  recommended. Be sure to set the proper glasses color settings in your chosen emulator.


redsquare.vb 512 kB


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just open a warning about the game but not the game itself :(

Beg pardon?